“Something’s Gotta Give”

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"“Something’s Gotta Give”"
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Worth a watch. Overall good moral to the story, albeit not very traditional. This goes into the whole chicken or the egg debate with Hollywood of if its plots have a transformative or reflective relation with society. Whether you like it or not, the bizarre new social norms of courtship and divorce portrayed in the movie may be relatable to your own life. There was also brief dialogue about feminism and women’s studies in the beginning, but the film was made in 2003 so it ended there. No spoilers, but the end of the film may be interpreted as gynocentric. It promotes values that you’ll agree with, but they fail to explore the part that females play in the destruction of healthy relationships. Ah well, it’s a film targeted towards women; would you expect a James Bond movie to play devil’s advocate against womanizing?

Aside from analyzing the political stuff, the main love interests were very charming. I definitely got sucked in, rooting for them to get together. The plot was not a typical RomCom premise, but the way they portrayed the side characters definitely was cliché. Little to no depth, so the audience doesn’t feel conflicted when rooting for X and Y couple to get together. That’s okay, though. That wasn’t the focus of the movie. Another small thing that bugged me was the symbolism throughout. Pay attention to the colors and clothing. At first it was clever, but they overdid it and kept literally pointing to it in each scene.

Check it out, though! Definitely worth seeing, at least once.


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