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Help Spread The Word:

You can support us without giving any money, merely by shilling for us and posting these images somewhere online. Perhaps a Discord server?


⚠️    Adult Content Warning!  ⚠️ 

( Mild Cartoon Nudity )





( You spend nothing extra. Just bookmark the link and click it before you do your normal Amazon shopping and we’ll get a percent. )
Ethereum (ETH) : 0x23bf7B2193Ed024Ee9323a9ed04BfeAF3D60020E
Bitcoin (BTC) : 3DoCpTFUKZCoNRsGFhZ9otiNCzDehUVpRk
Litecoin (LTC) : MM7Nw1aoY4c2b3eNw2m2jDvVML1zdV9inq
Ethereum Classic (ETC) : 0x4490bfc76d9FbAC5B362DE3D80950d8F2866433a
Chainlink (LINK) : 0x7a562910e19E4F9DFD589Cf90BC264C5fBD9BF36
Monero (XMR) :  478CxnSt8xugc8q3foWsBx1MzuMGRzV7Aj9bHxJaBrrVcsGT14TYcHWViohCJHcqb9gSRgzBC5H2GDmLs36uAJdYV8cw6tj


Buy Non-Profit Merch:

via TeeSpring      OR       via Society 6


All the merch is nonprofit. Well, TeeSpring gets a profit and so does Society 6, but we set the price as low as physically possible when using their services. TeeSpring allowed zero profit and we got it down to the exact penny. But Society6 requires a minimum of a 1% mark up.  ¯\_(_)_/¯  It evens out to about a quarter or two, so not too worried about it.


Anyways, we’re just thankful anybody wants to rep us and help spread the word. Aside from the HUGE marketing help, it will make us feel warm & fuzzy inside knowing people support what we do. So yeah, feel free to print your own bootleg merch or contact us with any requests you have. It’s unironically “the thought that counts.” Oh, and needless to say, but we’re down to open up a profile with any t-shirt company you recommend. And/or to send you the high quality design files so you can do it yourself.

Just let us know and thanks for stoppin’ by. ✌🏻

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