‘La La Land’ is wholesome and wonderful.

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"‘La La Land’ is wholesome and wonderful."
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Great movie! Amazing motifs that are cleverly depicted. It will inspire you, warm your heart, and leave you with philosophical questions to ponder in regards to your own life. Definitely go see it!

The “diversity” in the cast was well placed and fitting because the script was all about jazz and show biz. Except for the opening scene which tries to jam as many non-whites in as possible to reach their quota:

Oh, and these unimportant characters, (who don’t even have any lines if I recall correctly), that get screen time in the middle of the movie for no reason other than to get two birds with one stone: 1.) segue time passage scene and 2.) SJW bonus points:

Don’t worry, though. All the truly talented African American jazz musicians throughout the film makeup for the patronizing affirmative action hires. Also, John Legend’s character is flawed and multidimensional so it helps to add some realness to him instead of being just another infallible POC character like the ones Hollywood has been vomiting out lately.

So, ignore these minor flaws and check it out today!


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