“Mars Attacks” Is Prophetically Redpilled!

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"“Mars Attacks” Is Prophetically Redpilled!"
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Just recently watched this movie again. It was made a few years before 911 so the parallels with how we treat barbaric Muslim invaders is purely accidental. Afterall, Bush didn’t coin the Orwellian “Islam is a religion of peace” lie until after the attacks. But boy oh boy, is this film right on the money. I feel stupid giving such a slapstick movie 4 stars, but it does a great job of making fun of various stereotypes equally. Stupid hippies, warhawk neocon generals, naive academics, jingoist hicks, etc. It’s really saying something about how bad Hollywood has gotten, when all it takes to make me happy is objective satire, but oh well.

The really great part about this film, (in a sick & twisted way), is how it perfectly depicts the regressive liberal mindset. No matter how many times the aliens betray their trust, the humans keep blaming themselves, and keep pontificating some new excuse to continue being doormats.

“Don’t run, Islam is a religion of peace.”

It’s like how regressives never consider that maybe other cultures don’t respect peace at all. Maybe they only want to conquer and rape. Maybe they hate you for your very way of life and will never adopt your values. The big difference is that the aliens seem to have better “taqiyya” game than the Muslims who explain perfectly clear why they hate and fight us. And yet, we continue to let them walk all over us again and again.

Steven Crowder points out how countries have gone to war for much less than what the modern migrant scum have been doing.  It’s quite heartbreaking to see Western Civilization willingly kill itself and accept such abuse, but you gotta’ laugh at the absurdity of it once in a while, or else you’ll go mad.

So, turn your brain off for a few moments to enjoy this goofy, nostalgic disaster film!



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