“Nacho Libre”

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"“Nacho Libre”"
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Meh. You can support the film, but if you never see it, you’re not missing out. It’s made by the same guys who did “Napoleon Dynamite” and is really just a second rate version of that. Lots of dry, weird humor. There’s absolutely no way that the same film could be made today. Lots of “Tim & Eric” style ugly people who were casted solely due to their hideous appearance. And tons of jabs at Mexico for being a sh*thole. Not to mention the “whitewashing” that Jack Black does as a German/British/Russian/Jewish man, playing a half Mexican. And then there’s the midget fight scenes…

Ha… now that I think about it, this movie was pretty great. Watch the full thing or just random clips on YouTube. Either way, there’s no agenda being pushed so it’s okay in my book.


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