‘Rush Hour 3’

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"‘Rush Hour 3’"
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•50% cliché scenarios you see in every action movie
•30% exposition, lazy plot devices, and bad acting
•20% hilarious cultural satire and racist stereotype jokes
•10% whacky sexual situations

Funny mindless entertainment and no insane agenda shoved in. Although, I did notice a trend among all three films. It was something I never noticed growing up, and may seem unimportant even now, but it clearly seeps into the subconscious of many viewers…


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Rush Hour clapbacks all day! 😂😂😂🔥🔥🔥 My dude @charronkotd always with the heat tho! @mtvwildnout

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SPOILER ALERT: each evil mastermind from the Rush Hour franchise.

Still worth watching. But content wise, it’s the worst of the series, so don’t expect much.


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