“Now You See Me”

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Just a typical blockbuster action movie. Nothing to really delve into analytically.

There was a tiny bit of women being bossy and physically superior to men without superpowers but nothing heavy. Of course they had to make the police chief black among others. But not crazy J.J. Abrams affirmative action. It’s just, they portray white rich men as one dimensional boogey men, exploiting the poor and minority classes. Which is really the underlying theme of the movie: the same ‘ol 99%, Robin Hood, “balance out income inequality” cliché crap.

It’s makes sense, though. If the majority of your audience can relate to middle class or lower, then of course you appeal to them. And to be fair, it’s not blatantly obvious propaganda. Just subtle things a conservative will pick up on. The script was clearly written through the eyes of a liberal who views the rich v.s. poor dynamic in such a simplistic manner. Speaking of which…

The main problem with the film is with Mark Ruffalo. He plays an important role in the movie, and in real life he’s a liberal loon. But because Morgan Freeman is an anti-race baiter and took Hillary’s defeat graciously, it makes up for it. Also, Woody Harrelson has quit weed and is an independent. So, how do you decide? Is Mark so obnoxious that he overshadows the other redeeming actors? Tough call. To be honest, I’m unaware of all the other casts’ political activity, and that’s fine. That’s how it should be. I’m sure if I search, I will find out that they are all liberal by default. And have said something stupid. Oh well.

I don’t think any of us should be so anal that we don’t see movies if the actors are Democrats. That’s unreasonable and just plain foolish. The point of this site is to oppose the actors who are obnoxious with their political views like Mark Ruffalo and Meryl Streep. So it’s up to you. If you don’t mind supporting the movie due to it having a large cast/mixed bag. Then go ahead. For me, I think you should watch it only if it’s free. You’ll be able to enjoy the action and supporting cast enough to make it worth seeing. But since it’s basically just another super hero movie with a minor twist, don’t stress it if you miss it.


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