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I was a big fan of the “Broken Windows Theory” explanation, (popularized by Malcolm Gladwell), of why crime was greatly reduced in the 90’s. But then I read “Freakonomics” and discovered their opposing theory that claimed legal abortion was the real reason crime dropped, since less unwanted hooligans born = less unwanted crimes committed.

Occam’s Razor and my gut say the abortion theory held much more sway. But what’s with the false ultimatum? Isn’t it just a percentage debate? Several factors lead to the decrease in crime, and abortion was just the biggest factor, right?

Idk. I started searching around and was surprised to find that a founding father of the race realist movement, Mr. Steve Sailer, was one of the earliest critics of the abortion theory. Strange, no? Most Alt Right type people are in favor of legal abortion for obvious reasons…

Steve may be a eugenics mad man and “pro-choice” for all I know; his beef is just with the “unreliable” source data. If you’re interested, here were some American Renaissance comments that helped sum things up:

Likewise, here are links to both the Freakonomics and Steve Sailer posts that collect the back and forth of the ongoing debate between them. This is above my pay grade so I’ll let you decide.

Anyways, whether you disagree or not, they bring up a lot of intriguing theories and peculiarities. The section on Sumo wrestling was the most fascinating by far. Check it out when you have time!


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