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He bashes Trump and Trump supporters in this, but you should be able to take a joke. And to be fair, he seems like he tries to be unifying and say redeeming things about rightwingers. It’s just still incredibly lopsided. The reason I say that you shouldn’t pay for it, is because the message should be clear from “our” side. White men and rightwingers shrug off this nonstop hate more than any other demographic. (Despite what you hear about white fragility and other projection from SJWs…)

Proof of this, is in the anecdote Dave tells about his SNL appearance. He said he was just doing improv presentation and said something off the top of his head about how we should give Trump a chance or something. He’s clearly not a Trump supporter, he says he voted for Hillary, and he’s just trying to say something kind of neutral. But even that is too much for Hollywood. He was demonized and caught so much flak that he said he wish he had never said it all just because it wasn’t worth all the trouble. Bingo. That’s why The Overton Window has continuously been pushed left. They do no let up. It’s only free speech supporting rightwingers who are forgiving. Not Muslims or leftists or any sort of minority. Which is why now every commercial, movie, tv show, etc. only makes white men the morons. It’s why tv only dares to make fun of Christians, not Muslims. So, take a joke, laugh at yourself, but don’t pay to do so.

You can see here, Dave was brought on and grilled about his minuscule gesture of unity and forced to backtrack:

(If you want to avoid giving Stephen Colbert views, visit this proxy link instead.)

Other than that, the typical victim mentality was on display. Dave says he was jealous of rappers who grew up in the hood. This is one of the most harmful things to the black community in America today. As Thomas Sowell points out in “Black Rednecks & White Liberals,” what they consider “black culture” actually came from the white trash highlanders (Scots/Irish) in the American South. But since white liberals are too afraid to criticize these shitty cultural traits, they never grew out of it.

Likewise, as Devin Carbado points out, this notion of “acting white” if you speak correctly and work diligently is why so many blacks underperform.

Now, if you’ve read my other reviews, you know I don’t shy away from being a “racist piece of sh*t.” Call me what you like, I don’t care. But even race realists like me, who believe in the bell curve of race & IQ still recognize that blacks in America were MUCH better off before the 1970’s. Good intentions pave the road to hell and I know blacks can do better. Which is why I am a strong supporter of Black Nationalists like The Hoteps. And it’d be nice if these privileged celebrities got on board as well…

Dave also talks about being just rich enough to be poor around whites. Again, I see another reason why forced integration and multiculturalism doesn’t work. I think the vast majority (#notall) of people feel better and do better when they are in a homogenous community. (And before you attribute Dave’s success to being around “privileged” whites, he talks about starting his stand up career doing shows for drug dealers in NY. So that’s debatable.)

He also adds in the typical victim olympics crap, where he tries to shut up his SJW critics by going on about how bad it is as a black man in America. Pretty frustrating to watch this dead horse beaten to a pulp on his 4th special in a row. But overall, he has some good insight, great laughs, and his partisan bashes clearly come from a place of love and not animosity like the rest of Hollywood. So check it out if you have free time. The reason I actually went and watched all four of his specials in a row, is because I saw this video analyzing the brilliance of Chappelle’s performance. Watch this if you’re still on the fence about him and these specials.



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