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“Nobody (2021)”

Definite bait and switch. You will not be getting a White guy on a rampage against hoodlums that you come ...
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“What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?”

  This movie came out almost 30 years ago- in 1993- and garnered countless nominations and awards. It is one ...
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“The Last Boy Scout (1991)”

The Last Boy Scout is a super raunchy, gory, and incoherent buddy cop movie by the same guy that did ...
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Santa Claus is Coming for You “Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale (2010)”

There are many Christmas themed horror movies, and most of them are very bad. Nearly impossible to watch. Rare Exports ...
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“Apocalypto (2006)”

This film immerses the viewer into a brutal world where a series of unrelenting tragedies barrages the characters in a ...
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