I am fully aware that my new pseudonym sounds pretentious and gay. I’m just being cheeky and having fun with English. My old pen name was “Libertarian Agnostic” but decided I should do the test again since my views have changed quite a bit since I started blogging. And also because it looks bad to only have staff reviews by the same guy over and over. But obviously if I am telling you this I am not trying to make a sock puppet account and be deceptive. Full transparency. ^_^
Anyways, the TL;DR is that I am a race realist who generally likes freedom but has gotten increasingly socially conservative the older I get. But I also understand that bloated authoritarian organizations create inefficiencies, suffering, corruption, etc. So when I meet people IRL and don’t want to sound like a complete f**got I’ll just say I’m an independent. Or if they seem somewhat political I’ll just say I’m a Paleo-Conservative or Minarchist Libertarian. Truth be told, I’m a one issue voter: immigration. And have lost faith in the system after the 2020 election and probably won’t vote again. That’s okay though ‘cuz I think we are gonna’ balkanize regardless. Hopefully sooner rather than later but could be a couple decades. Who knows?

But just for fun, lemme’ LARP and speculate in more detail.

LARPing nonsense

My most recent test results (June, 2021):

For screenshots of every answer I gave on the test along with an unedited verbal diarrhea explanation click below:

Test Questions
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