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“1917 (2019)”

1917 is a solid WWI film. It doesn't have as many cool action scenes as other war films, but it ...
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“Midway (2019)” Review

Midway tells the story of the battle of Midway, duh. However, Midway is different from Pearl Harbor which focus around ...
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“Alien (1979)”

Totally epic alien horror thriller film. Although this film was made over 40 years ago, it's still amazing! Female protagonist, ...
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Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988)

I absolutely love this one! It's a light film noir that takes place in 1940s L.A. and mixes live-action and ...
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Kon Tiki (2012)

I love a good ocean movie and this could might maybe be the best! Based on a true story, I'd ...
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