“The Last Boy Scout (1991)”

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"“The Last Boy Scout (1991)”"
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The Last Boy Scout is a super raunchy, gory, and incoherent buddy cop movie by the same guy that did Top Gun. There surprisingly isn’t a lot of the, “white guys walk like this, while black guys walk like this,” humor and the race of the cops doesn’t seem to play huge role in the plot or dialogue. Don’t worry though, there is some Hollywood bull crap for sure. 

One of the first scenes we see in this film is Damon Wayans character in bed with a white super model. This is shortly followed by his character being a proper female chauvinist and saving another white woman from being harassed by a fellow white football player. This was definitely the most unbelievable scene in the movie (for comparison, there’s a scene where a guy falls into the blades of helicopter – much more realistic). Hollywood wants us to believe that a washed up, drug addicted NFL quarterback comes to the safety of a prostitute! But finally, the movie gets rational and we see this character in a seedy Los Angeles strip club where his girlfriend works (Halle Berry).   

Bruce Willis’ character is a disgusting, depressed, lowlife that once cared about morals and values. Throughout the film we see him berate his wife and daughter, drink constantly, and only care about himself. However, with the encouragement of his new black friend, he slowly regains his righteousness and saves the day. Thank God for drug addicted hoodrats! 


Besides the egregious scenes in the beginning, there isn’t too much leftism in the movie. One of the villains appears to be gay, but they don’t make a point of it or shove it in your face.  The main antagonists are of course an evil white rich men, what’s new? The movie itself is definitely not for children though, as there is nudity, vulgar language, and violence throughout the entire film. If you like 90’s action movies, but don’t want to rewatch Die Hard, this is a decent movie you should watch for free (just start it 20 minutes in to avoid the beginning scenes).

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Imma' hipster fruitcake that has been slowly turning into a nazi in recent years. Black Lives Matter protests and media coverage of them back with Ferguson was probably the tipping point for me and it's only gotten worse. I took the political compass test and got these results but I should probably take it again since I'm becoming more socially conservative and not just economically. But whatever, these tests should be taken with a grain of salt anyways. Bottom line is that Hollywood's SJW agenda is getting over the top and I'll call it out in reviews for ya' so you don't waste your time.