“Days of Thunder (1990)”

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"“Days of Thunder (1990)”"
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Days of Thunder is an action/drama by Tony Scott (same guy that did Top Gun) starring Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. It is pretty much a less exciting Top Gun, but about NASCAR. If you are a fan of NASCAR though, it will probably be more enjoyable. 

Overall, it was still refreshing to watch a ‘normal’ Hollywood movie with almost no liberal agenda. The most Hollywood part of it all was the premise that one of the best NASCAR drivers was a random guy from Los Angeles. Other than that, there is no affirmative action, no overwhelming feminism, and the acting is pretty decent. I also learned quite a bit about NASCAR and ended up watching the Daytona 500 a few weeks later. 

Fun fact: John C. Reilly stars in this movie as a mechanic. He later starred in Talladega Nights, a parody of Days Of Thunder. Both movies even mentions using the ‘sling shot’  method to win races. Check this movie out for a good ol’ American film about one of America’s favorite past-times.  


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Imma' hipster fruitcake that has been slowly turning into a nazi in recent years. Black Lives Matter protests and media coverage of them back with Ferguson was probably the tipping point for me and it's only gotten worse. I took the political compass test and got these results but I should probably take it again since I'm becoming more socially conservative and not just economically. But whatever, these tests should be taken with a grain of salt anyways. Bottom line is that Hollywood's SJW agenda is getting over the top and I'll call it out in reviews for ya' so you don't waste your time.