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This felt like a movie that Hollywood made specifically for the Red States. Lots of pandering. So, I say support it even if it was low budget and cheesy at parts. It’s a great film to watch with the family; they portray a family unit in a traditional, but realistic way. There’s also some symbolism about getting out of your comfort zone to become a man. Good morals like “no guts, no glory.” Hardwork pays off. Etc. All good themes. And even some anti-government lines in there, but from a conservative perspective.

For example, the mom complains about the bureaucratic policies of the local police force. Some aspects were even critical of the wars in the middle east and the military industrial complex, so it could be perceived as anti-patriotic depending on what kind of right winger you are. If you’re like Ann Coulter, and are tired of neocon wars, then you’ll probably agree. But even if you’re not, don’t worry, it’s a minor few lines and not a major plot point. In fact, it’s the villain who brings up the criticism, so it’s left up to the audience’s interpretation. Rest assured, it’s not some anti-war movie that slanders American troops. Quite the opposite.

Something else to take note of is the high levels of “diversity.” The love interest is a Mexican girl and the protagonist’s best friend is also Mexican. But it feels like “Breaking Bad” or “White Men Can’t Jump.” The film explores the positive and negative sides of both cultures. For example, the angsty white boy is criticized for his disrespect towards his parents, and lack of loyalty to his familia. But the Mexicans aren’t saints either, as their cultural baggage of crime and dishonesty are also in the script. IMHO, it felt like a reflection of our reality as Americans in 2017 rather than propaganda pushing for diversity. But you may think differently. There was one part where a Mexican male criticized the female Mexican for flirting with the white guy. He said, “You’re a traitor to your race.” And she replied, “Mexican isn’t a race, stupid.” This girl is a tomboy type, BTW, but the director didn’t feel the need to emasculate all the male characters to “empower” her, and most of the other characters fit into gender roles, so don’t stress the feminism bit either.

It’s up to you. If that stuff sounds infuriating, then maybe skip this film. But it was a very small part and I personally, thought this movie wasn’t anti-white like Star Wars. The interracial stuff seemed like a normal plot point, without a hidden agenda. In fact, as a Colorado boy growing up with tons of Mexican friends, this was very nostalgic. Pretty accurate depiction of both cultures so it may even hit close to home for you as it did with me.

Check it out if you’re in the mood for a feel good, family friendly, patriotic movie!


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