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"“We Live In Public”"
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Great documentary. No political agenda crap added in at all. Fascinating story of a guy with a few screws loose who lived ahead of his time. This is the second time I’ve watched this movie and I found it even more riveting the second time ’round.

Not much to say about it without ruining your viewing experience so just trust me and watch it. Especially if you fit on either of the bottom two political compass quadrants, and don’t like the direction society is going with respect to the dystopian surveillance. Since I have nothing unique to say about this film, why not read my review of “Snowden” or watch these videos that touch the the same subject matter:

As Braving Ruin says above, you really can’t avoid surveillance unless you want to live completely off the grid and outside the modern economy. But you can limit the amount of psychological corruption you subject yourself to. Zuccerberg may tempt you, but fight it! Don’t give in! Delete that sh*t right now!



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