‘Three Billboards’ is Feminist Fantasy Garbage

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"‘Three Billboards’ is Feminist Fantasy Garbage"
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Don’t waste your time. Per usual, any Hollywood movie based on a small town will be incredibly racist in its portrayal of Southern whites. With – of course – no sense of irony or self awareness in regard to its blatant hypocrisy as it spouts off platitudes about the horrors of small minded bigots.

I can hang with the stupid Southerner trope even though it’s been done to death. Not with this film, though. It’s a caricature of a caricature since the British director knows even less about the American South than the average champagne socialist director in L.A.

There are only five worthwhile white men in the film, and even coming up with five is a stretch.


The rest are cartoonishly rude and dumb. Do not waste your time. Avoid at all costs.


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