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Definitely see this film. Feel good movie that’s family friendly. Obviously don’t expect too much, but at least there were no infuriating political agendas shoved in it. The only thing that may irk you is that it revolves around the nerdy beta male shtick that’s been played out. Yet another fantasy role reversal where the Chad military get owned by nerds. If you’re woke to why this is such a common trope, it can distract you from the humor. But without that premise the film wouldn’t work as a comedy. Instead it’d have to be like “The Last Starfighter” and you can watch “Ready Player One” for that reboot. Anyways, they are all lovable characters, (except for Q-bert, that voice was very cringeworthy), so just relax and enjoy the cinematic junk food that’s free of political crap.


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