‘The Man Who Invented Christmas’

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"‘The Man Who Invented Christmas’"
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This is a fanciful movie about how Charles Dickens may have been inspired to write his most famous work,  A Christmas Carol.  It reminded me of Shakespeare In Love a bit because it is a “what if” on how they came up with their greatest works.  Christopher Plummer plays the fictitious Scrooge and has the best scene when he and Dickens are arguing on how to go forward in the story. So it is a very creative way to relay what a character is thinking which is always a difficult concept to portray on film.

Although Hollywood can still get their agenda into period pieces this film did not attempt to end western civilization in anyway! (Luckily period pieces tend to deal with the politics of the time they are portraying and not present day concerns.)  So happily this was an agenda free hour and 44 minutes of cinema.


Note: I looked up whether the movie stayed historically correct and it turns out it did!

Fed Up
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Fed Up


I'm a Boomer diehard Republican. I voted Bush but have recently discovered he was a globalist and am pretty disgusted with the things Romney and McCain have said since Trump. I love Dennis Prager and Jews, but am so sick and tired of black people being shoved into everything. Especially period pieces because I'm a big history buff. Having said that, even though I am normally disgusted with all the LGBT agenda, I've recently fallen in love with shows like "Versailles." I think it's because the show is largely historically accurate, and you don't sense an out of place gay agenda. If all Hollywood films were like that, I wouldn't mind. Here are my political compass test results.