GWGB – Congruent Ethnicities Verdict Conversion:

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Unfortunately, the verdicts provided by Ethnicelebs, (although the most accurate dataset), were inconsistent and difficult to quantify. For example, some verdicts were precise in percentage, whereas others left you guessing:

If someone working at 23andMe or Ancestry wants to leak the database, that’d be great. Otherwise, the best solution we found was to create parent categories for regions, and to count each listed country of origin equally. And to categorize based on how much mixing was done between the regions on the map above. So, since every American is a mutt of sorts, and the concept of “White” is relatively new, it follow that celebrities with 6 different ethnicities that are all from Europe are just considered “White.”

Matt Damon = “White”

The same goes for people with several different South American ethnicities or several different Arab ones, etc. Generally, society only considers someone mixed if their parents race-mixed, right? However, we had to control for other ethnic peculiarities by adding a few more rules. For example, the vast majority of Jews are mixed with their host nation’s population. Finding a 100% Ashkenazi is pretty rare. Nearly all the Jews in our database would be classified as “Mixed / Other” if the rules were the same for them. 
Perhaps this is why in real life Jews show a strong affinity for anyone with even the slightest bit of Jewish blood. It seems in Hollywood the best way to get ahead is to be part Ashkenazi for the producer/director favoritism, and part European White for audience preferences. Which is probably why most famous actors that are Jewish don’t look like Larry David, but rather the Scandinavian Scarlett Johansson. Although that also probably has to do with the Shiksa Appeal / Portnoy’s Complaint psychology that Rachel Weisz referenced.

In any case, to accurately portray the real world, if an actor has any Jewish present at all they are classified as Jews, not “Mixed/Other.” Clearly there are always outliers like Lenny Kravitz, but you can isolate the dataset to only BetaFace facial recognition if you want to test for how people are perceived rather than aiming to get their true ethnicities. The problem is that Jewishness is a matter of ethnoreligiosity. And they are such a small population that getting accurate numbers is difficult. For cast members as well as population data for representation comparison. But since the vast majority of Jews are secular, we decided to give a range for the Jewish population to include even the most Jew-ish Jews. Just like the does:,%202016%20(Final).pdf

Anyways, it makes little difference because they are usually a mere 2% of the population. But for accuracy’s sake, you can check our sources and estimates to decide if you want only the core Orthodox Jew population to be counted for comparison or the broader “atheist Jew who can take a DNA test for Israeli citizenship” definition. 


Contrary to the “one drop rule” for Jews, we have a “100% drop rule” for Native Americans. It’s because in our anti-White society that pushes for “””diversity””” it seems that everyone claims they are part Native American.

Which is why, unless the ethnicities of an actor are solely Indigenous, they are ignored because too many people spout off about their tiny fraction of Native blood despite not speaking the language, not celebrating the holidays, and looking more Aryan than Hitler.

Elizabeth Warren = “White”


Wes Studi = “Indigenous”

Another lowest common denominator sacrifice made for the sake of compatibility between the datasets was reducing all Hispanics to Latino. We are well aware that Americans determining who is and isn’t White is ironic, and that many Latinos are Whiter than Americans. Especially when looking at the celebrities of these countries. Southern Brazil, Argentina, Chilé, Uruguay, Portugal, and Spain are all majority White. But it was impossible to differentiate the White Latinos from the darker ones using Ethnicelebs verdicts alone. For that, you’ll have to isolate just the facial recognition datasets. Otherwise, please take “Latino” with a big grain of salt and assume that a good portion of them are White.

Canadian Population by Race:

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According to the 2016 Statistics Canada survey, Portuguese & Spaniards make up about 2.5% of Canada’s population. Clearly Portuguese and Spaniards are White Indo-Europeans, but they fit into our “Latino” category that encompasses the entire Iberian to Mestizo spectrum of “Hispanics.” Unfortunately, we are uncertain which respondents of the survey claimed Spanish and Portuguese origin, and were classified as born in South America, and which ones were classified as born in Europe.

The official Statistics Canada 2016 census data lists Portuguese/Spanish under “European” so logically we should take 2.5% from “White / European” and add it to the “Latino” category. But those same stats also show that the percentage of Portuguese Canadians that claim other ethnicities has increased:

Are these just 2nd generation pure Portuguese who now also identify with Canada? Or are these recent immigrants from Brazil with mixed blood? Hard to say. So until we can confirm 100% either way, just assume a ±2.5% margin of error for “White / European” and “Latino / Latin American” population stats from Canada. 

New Asian Breakdown:

But wait, why did we make up the new category of “Dark Asian?” What the heck does that even mean? Well, when you look at the “BBC Asian Network” you’ll see almost all Pakistani/Indian/Bangladesh/etc. people. Not the Jackie Chan image that comes to mind when you hear “Asian.” The same goes for when you hear about rape gangs or terror suspects from UK mainstream media. For example, they said an attacker during the 2017 London Bridge Attacks was an “Asian male in his 40s.” 

These were the three attackers that day. Guess which one is Pakistani and which two are Moroccan. 

The Answer:

Clearly Pakistanis should not be grouped with Asians. And are in fact more similar to Arabs both culturally and genetically. A perfect illustration of this was how while those Arabs were terrorizing European Whites in London, a truly Asian man (Chinese surname), drunkenly fought them and spoiled their plot. Didn’t he get the memo? The “model minority” is a White supremacist myth. He is supposed to be just as likely to blow himself up as the Pakis.

Of course, many will disagree and there will always be room for nitpicking because the lefties are right when they say “race is a social construct.” Biodiversity is a fact of life, race is real, but our categories are subjective and somewhat arbitrary. Still, it’s pretty darn clear that Pakistanis should be grouped with Arabs if an ultimatum is given. Proof of this is when looking at Canada’s Census stats that grouped “West Asian” and “Arab” as a single category. But to be fair, Pakistan gets grouped with “South Asian” more often than any other umbrella category. Which is partly why we created the “Dark Asian” category after severing Pakistan from “South Asia.”

Because, even though India is very unique and should be associated with only the Bangladeshi/Nepalese/Sri-Lankan/Punjabi/etc., the truth is that most of the world just sees all the darker Asians as one. Again, it’s always blurry on the edges, but facial recognition software usually tags Filipinos and Indonesians as “Indian” as well. The haplogroups don’t match but the phenotypes kinda’ do…

Just be glad we didn’t call it “Jungle Asian” like Ali Wong did:

One of the hardest countries to classify was Vietnam, because it’s considered “Jungle Asian” by Ali Wong, but assigned “Asian” in our breakdown. In recent years they have improved significantly and facial recognition tags them as “Asian” consistently whereas Thai and Cambodian get “Indian.”

Georgia/Armenia/Azerbaijan were also incredibly difficult to pigeonhole. That area is literally where the term Caucasian comes from, but their phenotype often looks “Hispanic” or “Arab” to facial recognition software and they have such a mixed admixture it became impossible to pick any other group aside from “Mixed / Other.” The same goes for most of Central Asia like Uzbekistan for example. Some of them look Chinese. But many look heavily European/Slavic.

Regardless, how many Central Asians, SE Asians, and Western Asians are really in Hollywood anyways? The few there are are probably mixed and look very White or very Asian. So it doesn’t matter too much. Nevertheless, constructive criticism and suggestions of better alternatives are always welcome.


For the sake of transparency, nerds can view our array code for the 9 categories:

'EA' => 'Asian',
'J' => 'Asian',
'I' => 'Dark Asian', 
'M' => 'Arab',
'M' => 'Arab',
'W' => 'White',
'EE' => 'White',
'JW' => 'Jewish',
'F' => 'White',
'G' => 'White',
'H' => 'Latino',
'It' => 'White',
'N' => 'White',
'A' => 'Asian',
'B' => 'Black',
'O'=> 'Other',
'East Asian' => 'Asian',
'Japanese' => 'Asian',
'japan' => 'Asian',
'Indian' => 'Dark Asian',
'African' => 'Black',
'Muslim' => 'Arab',
'British' => 'White',
'East European' => 'White',
'Jewish' => 'Jewish',
'French' => 'White',
'German' => 'White',
'Hispanic' => 'Latino',
'Hispanics' => 'Latino',
'Italian' => 'White',
'Nordic' => 'White',
'Asian' => 'Asian',
'Black' => 'Black',
'White' => 'White',
'Mideast' => 'Arab',
'arab' => 'Arab',
'Afghan' => 'Arab',
'Afghanistan' => 'Arab',
'Algerian' => 'Arab',
'algerian' => 'Arab',
'Arab' => 'Arab',
'Assyrian' => 'Arab',
'Berber' => 'Arab',
'berber' => 'Arab',
'Coptic' => 'Arab',
'Druze' => 'Arab',
'Egyptian' => 'Arab',
'Iranian' => 'Arab',
'Iraqi' => 'Arab',

'Jordanian' => 'Arab',
'Kurdish' => 'Arab',
'Lebanese' => 'Arab',
'Moroccan' => 'Arab',
'Pakistani' => 'Arab',
'Palestinian' => 'Arab',

'Persian' => 'Arab',
'Saudi Arabian' => 'Arab',
'Syrian' => 'Arab',
'Tunisian' => 'Arab',
'Turkish' => 'Arab', 
'turkish' => 'Arab', 
'Yemeni' => 'Arab', 
'Bhutanese' => 'Asian',
'Buryat' => 'Asian',
'Cantonese' => 'Asian',
'Chinese' => 'Asian',
'Hakka' => 'Asian',
'Japan' => 'Asian',
'Korean' => 'Asian',
'Mongol' => 'Asian',
'Mongolian' => 'Asian',
'Taiwanese' => 'Asian',
'taiwanese' => 'Asian',
'Viet*' => 'Asian',
'Vietnamese' => 'Asian', 
'African' => 'Black',

'African American' => 'Black',
'African american' => 'Black',
'African-American' => 'Black','African-Canadian' => 'Black',
'AfricanAmerican' => 'Black',
'Antiguan' => 'Black',
'Ashanti' => 'Black',
'Bahama' => 'Black',
'Bahamian' => 'Black',
'Bantu' => 'Black',
'Barbadian' => 'Black',
'Beninese' => 'Black',
'Black Canadian' => 'Black',
'Black-Canadian' => 'Black',
'Black Nova Scotian' => 'Black',
'Black Nova-Scotian' => 'Black',
'Cape verdean' => 'Black',
'Cameroonian' => 'Black',
'Curacaon' => 'Black',
'Curaçaon' => 'Black',

'Ethiopian' => 'Black',
'Eritrean' => 'Black',
'Fante' => 'Black',
'Gambian' => 'Black',
'Garifuna' => 'Black',
'Ghanaian' => 'Black',
'Grenada' => 'Black',
'Gullah' => 'Black',
'Haitian' => 'Black',
'Igbo' => 'Black',
'Jamaica' => 'Black',
'Jamaican' => 'Black',
'Kenyan' => 'Black',
'Liberian' => 'Black',
'Mascogos' => 'Black',
'Mayotte' => 'Black',
'Mauritanian' => 'Black',
'Montserratian' => 'Black',
'Nigerian' => 'Black',
'Saint Lucian' => 'Black',
'Senegalese' => 'Black',
'Sierra Leonean' => 'Black',
'Sierra leonean' => 'Black',
'Somali' => 'Black',
'Sotho' => 'Black',
'Sudanese' => 'Black',
'Thembu' => 'Black',
'Tutsi' => 'Black',
'Ugandan' => 'Black',
'Xhosa' => 'Black',
'Zambian' => 'Black',
'Zimbabwean' => 'Black',
'Zulu' => 'Black',
'Anglo-indian' => 'Dark Asian',
'Anglo-Indian' => 'Dark Asian',
'Bengali' => 'Dark Asian',
'bengali' => 'Dark Asian',
'Timor Leste' => 'Dark Asian',
'Timor' => 'Dark Asian',
'Gujarati' => 'Dark Asian',
'Indian' => 'Dark Asian',
'Mangalorean' => 'Dark Asian',
'Nepal' => 'Dark Asian',
'Punjabi' => 'Dark Asian',
'Sri Lankan' => 'Dark Asian',
'Sri lankan' => 'Dark Asian',
'Sri-Lankan' => 'Dark Asian',
'Tamil' => 'Dark Asian',
'Betawi' => 'Dark Asian',
'betawi' => 'Dark Asian',
'Boholano' => 'Dark Asian',
'Burmese' => 'Dark Asian',
'Bruneian' => 'Dark Asian',
'Brunei' => 'Dark Asian',
'Cambodian' => 'Dark Asian',
'cambodian' => 'Dark Asian',
'Cebuano' => 'Dark Asian',
'Filipin*' => 'Dark Asian',
'Filipino' => 'Dark Asian',
'Indonesian' => 'Dark Asian',
'Javanese' => 'Dark Asian',
'Khmer' => 'Dark Asian',
'Kapampangan' => 'Dark Asian',
'Konkani' => 'Dark Asian',
'Kuy' => 'Dark Asian',
'Hmong' => 'Dark Asian',
'hmong' => 'Dark Asian',
'Iban' => 'Dark Asian',
'Ibanag' => 'Dark Asian',
'Laos' => 'Dark Asian',
'Laotian' => 'Dark Asian',
'Malay' => 'Dark Asian',
'Maldive' => 'Dark Asian',
'Maldivian' => 'Dark Asian',
'Philippin' => 'Dark Asian',
'possibly Indian South' => 'Dark Asian',
'possibly Indian (South Asian)' => 'Dark Asian',
'Tagalog' => 'Dark Asian',
'Thai' => 'Dark Asian',
'thai' => 'Dark Asian',
'Aboriginal australian' => 'Indigenous',
'Native american' => 'Indigenous',
'Aboriginal Australian' => 'Indigenous',
'Aboriginal' => 'Indigenous',
'Athabascan' => 'Indigenous',
'Blackfoot Native American' => 'Indigenous',
'Blackfoot' => 'Indigenous',
'Cherokee' => 'Indigenous',
'Choctaw' => 'Indigenous',
'Comanche' => 'Indigenous',
'Cree First Nations' => 'Indigenous',
'Cree' => 'Indigenous',
'cree' => 'Indigenous',
'Dakota' => 'Indigenous',
'First Nations' => 'Indigenous',
'Greenlandic' => 'Indigenous',
'greenlandic' => 'Indigenous',
'Hawaiian' => 'Indigenous',
'Hualapai' => 'Indigenous',
'Inca' => 'Indigenous',
'Indigenous' => 'Indigenous',
'Kiribati' => 'Indigenous',
'Lakota' => 'Indigenous',
'Māori' => 'Indigenous',
'Maori' => 'Indigenous',
'maori' => 'Indigenous',
'Micronesian' => 'Indigenous',
'Melanesian' => 'Indigenous',
'Native American' => 'Indigenous',
'Negrios' => 'Indigenous',
'Ngati' => 'Indigenous',
'Oneida' => 'Indigenous',
'Papuan' => 'Indigenous',
'Polynesian' => 'Indigenous',
'Potlotek' => 'Indigenous',
'Tupiniquim' => 'Indigenous',
'Samoan' => 'Indigenous',
'Saulteaux' => 'Indigenous',
'Tuhoe' => 'Indigenous',
'Vanuatu' => 'Indigenous',
'Yaqui' => 'Indigenous',
'Ashkenazi Jewish' => 'Jewish',
'Ashkenazi' => 'Jewish',
'Hebrew' => 'Jewish',
'Israel' => 'Jewish',
'Jew' => 'Jewish',
'Mizrahi' => 'Jewish',
'Sephardic' => 'Jewish',
'Argentinian' => 'Latino',
'Asturian' => 'Latino',
'Bolivian' => 'Latino',
'Brazilian' => 'Latino',
'Castilian' => 'Latino',
'Chilean' => 'Latino',
'Colombian' => 'Latino',
'Costa Rican' => 'Latino',
'Costa-Rican' => 'Latino',
'costa-rican' => 'Latino',
'costa rican' => 'Latino',
'Costa' => 'Latino',
'Costa rican' => 'Latino',
'Cuban' => 'Latino',
'Ecuadorian' => 'Latino',
'Extremaduran' => 'Latino',
'Galician' => 'Latino',
'Grenadian' => 'Latino',
'Grenadian' => 'Latino',
'Guatemalan' => 'Latino',
'Hispanic' => 'Latino',
'Honduran' => 'Latino',
'Mestizo' => 'Latino',
'Mexican' => 'Latino',
'Nicaraguan' => 'Latino',
'nicaraguan' => 'Latino',
'Peruvian' => 'Latino',
'Portuguese' => 'Latino',
'Portuguese-Brazilian' => 'Latino',
'Puerto Rican' => 'Latino',
'Puerto rican' => 'Latino',
'Spanish' => 'Latino',
'Puerto rican' => 'Latino',
'Salvadoran' => 'Latino',
'Uruguayan' => 'Latino',
'Venezuelan' => 'Latino',
'Armenian' => 'Mixed / Other',
'armenian' => 'Mixed / Other',
'Azerbaijan' => 'Mixed / Other', 
'Afro-Latino' => 'Mixed / Other',
'Afro Latino' => 'Mixed / Other',
'Aruban' => 'Mixed / Other',
'Belize' => 'Mixed / Other',
'Cape Coloured' => 'Mixed / Other',
'Dominican Republic' => 'Mixed / Other',
'Dominican republic' => 'Mixed / Other',
'Dominican' => 'Mixed / Other',
'French Guiana' => 'Mixed / Other',
'Georgian' => 'Mixed / Other',
'georgian' => 'Mixed / Other',
'Guadeloupe' => 'Mixed / Other',
'Guadeloupian' => 'Mixed / Other',
'Guiana' => 'Mixed / Other',
'Guyan' => 'Mixed / Other',
'Kazakh' => 'Mixed / Other',
'Kazakhstan' => 'Mixed / Other',
'Kyrgyz' => 'Mixed / Other',
'Kyrgyzstan' => 'Mixed / Other',
'Mauritian' => 'Mixed / Other',
'Martinique' => 'Mixed / Other',
'Martiniquais' => 'Mixed / Other',
'Panam' => 'Mixed / Other',
'Panamanian' => 'Mixed / Other',
'Suriname' => 'Mixed / Other',
'Tajikistan' => 'Mixed / Other',
'Tobag' => 'Mixed / Other',
'Trinidad' => 'Mixed / Other',
'Trinidadian' => 'Mixed / Other',
'Turkmeni' => 'Mixed / Other',
'Turkmenistan' => 'Mixed / Other',
'Uzbekistan' => 'Mixed / Other', 
'Tajik' => 'Mixed / Other',
'Uzbek' => 'Mixed / Other',
'Abruzzese' => 'White',
'Acadian' => 'White',
'Afrikaans' => 'White',
'Afrikaner' => 'White',
'Afrikaaner' => 'White',
'Albanian' => 'White',
'Alsatian' => 'White',
'Andalusian' => 'White',
'Andorran' => 'White',
'Andora' => 'White',
'andorran' => 'White',
'andora' => 'White', 
'Anglo' => 'White',
'Anglo-Irish' => 'White',
'Aostan' => 'White',
'Apulian' => 'White',
'apulian' => 'White',
'Australian' => 'White',
'australian' => 'White',
'Austrian' => 'White','Azorean' => 'White',
'Baltic German' => 'White',
'Basque' => 'White',
'basque' => 'White',
'Belarusian' => 'White',
'Belgian' => 'White',
'Belgian Flemish' => 'White',
'Belgian-Flemish' => 'White',
'Bessarabia German' => 'White',
'Bessarabia german' => 'White',
'Black Sea German' => 'White',
'Bohemian' => 'White',

'Bohemian Czech' => 'White',
'Breton' => 'White',
'British Isles' => 'White',
'British isles' => 'White',
'Bulgarian' => 'White',
'Calabrian' => 'White',
'Campanian' => 'White',
'Catalan' => 'White',
'Channel Islander' => 'White',
'Channel islander' => 'White',
'Cornish' => 'White',
'Corsican' => 'White',
'Crimean' => 'White',
'Croatian' => 'White',
'Cypriot' => 'White',
'Czech' => 'White',
'Dalmatian' => 'White',
'Danish' => 'White',
'Dutch' => 'White',
'Emilia-Romagnan' => 'White',
'English' => 'White',
'Erzya' => 'White',
'Estonian' => 'White',
'estonian' => 'White',
'European' => 'White',
'Finnish' => 'White',
'Flemish' => 'White',
'Frisian' => 'White',
'Gaels' => 'White',
'Gaelic' => 'White',

'Galician Spanish' => 'White',
'German' => 'White',
'Gibraltarian' => 'White',
'Greek' => 'White',
'Hungarian' => 'White',
'Icelandic' => 'White',
'Irish' => 'White',
'Ladin' => 'White',
'Lemko' => 'White',
'Lithuanian' => 'White',
'Luxembourgish' => 'White',
'Macedonian' => 'White',
'Maltese' => 'White','Manx' => 'White',
'Moksha' => 'White',
'Moldova' => 'White',
'Montenegrin' => 'White',
'Monegasque' => 'White',
'Monaco' => 'White',
'Monacan' => 'White',
'monegasque' => 'White',
'monaco' => 'White',
'monacan' => 'White',
'Mordovian' => 'White',
'Mordvin' => 'White',
'Moravian' => 'White',
'Mordvinian' => 'White',
'Northern Irish' => 'White',
'Northern irish' => 'White',
'Norwegian' => 'White',
'Polish' => 'White',
'Pomak Bulgarian' => 'White',
'Pontic' => 'White',
'Romani' => 'White',
'Romanian' => 'White',
'Romansh' => 'White',
'Russian' => 'White',
'Rusyn' => 'White',
'Scandinavian' => 'White',
'Scots' => 'White','Scots-Irish' => 'White',
'Scottish' => 'White',
'Serbian' => 'White',
'Shoksha' => 'White',
'Sicilian' => 'White',
'Slavic' => 'White',
'Slovak' => 'White',
'Slovenian' => 'White',
'Swedish' => 'White',
'Swiss' => 'White',
'Swiss-German' => 'White',
'Tengushev' => 'White',
'Teryukhan' => 'White',
'Ukrainian' => 'White',
'ukrainian' => 'White',
'Welsh' => 'White',
'Ashkenazi Jewish' => 'Jewish',
'Jew' => 'Jewish',
'Borderline Jew' => 'Jewish',
'Barely a Jew' => 'Jewish',
'Sadly, a Jew' => 'Jewish',
'Infinitesimally a Jew' => 'Jewish',
'unknown' => 'Other',
'Other' => 'Other',
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