Custom Ratings Explained

「”Worthwhile Content”」; is basically the overall rating for the film. When you consider the redeeming aspects as well as the propaganda all together, what would you rate the movie?

「”Boycott Suggestion”」 lets people know if the film is so bad they should avoid it completely. If it’s decent enough to sit through but should be torrented to send a message to Hollywood. Or if the creators deserve financial support and encouragement to make more like it.

「”Overall Hollywood BS”」 rates the total amount of liberal bias. (Basically an aggregate of all the other custom ratings below.)

「”Misandry”」 rates the amount  of feminism in a film. Particularly when manhood is disparaged, rather than simply having strong female characters.

「”LGBTQrstuvwxyz”」 rates the amount of non-tradional sexuality depicted. Whether this is positive or negative is up to the user. For example, Armond White is an openly gay conservative critic whose reviews are in our database.

「”Neo-Marxism”」, (sometimes referred to as “Cultural Marxism”), rates the amount of fanatic egalitarianism in a film. Particularly in regard to criticism of nationalism and capitalism.

「”Affirmative Action”」 rates how much “diversity” is being pushed. ( Not true diversity, but the anti-White checklist kind.)

「”Anti-God Themes”」 rates the amount of slander towards God and/or Christian ethics. As with all these ratings, whether this is positive or negative is up to the reviewer. If you’re Alt Right & Pagan, or an AnCap Atheist, this may be good in your eyes.

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