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Good premise. Thrilling cinematography. Worth watching.

You see, they changed the message of the novel, (which was apparently very pro-life, anti-immigration quota, and all about strong morals being necessary for a healthy society), and tried to turn it into an Antifa type movie. The messages aren’t shoved down your throat like most Hollywood movies, so thankfully it leaves it up to interpretation. People like the fat, lisping, Marxist Boomer f**got: Žižek, interpret this movie as showing late stage Capitalism and the dangers of holding onto your roots.

I, on the other hand, interpret the film as a warning of our multicultural hell hole dystopia to come if we don’t reverse current trends. It’s not a coincidence that George Soros and KGB both support BLM. It’s a classic divide and conquer tactic. Some people say that lowering the average IQ of the populous in order to create an obedient consumer class is the goal of this forced demographic replacement. Idk. The motives are hard to prove, and quickly get into conspiracy theory territory. So let’s avoid any convoluted conjecture and keep it Occam’s Razor for now.

Basically, free market conservatives forsake the working class and the future of their nation’s stability for the sake of cheap labor. Whereas, the leftists love to import new voters while getting “social justice” bonus points. And the foreign powers like KGB and Soros encourage this because when civil unrest occurs, government overreach is “justified.” And when a nation’s power is centralized, it’s easier to subvert, bribe, and control the country as an outsider.

The CIA does the same thing but much worse, we do straight up military coups. As well as other forms of divide and conquer tactics like funding revolutionaries/extremists since most of these nations are ethnically homogenous. It’s just part of foreign policy I guess. Anyways, I’m ranting. The point is, that’s what was in the forefront of my mind while watching this movie. And what I hope is in the forefront of yours.

Proximity + Diversity = Conflict

We already see this today in our post 1965 Immigration Act / British Nationality Act 1948 lives. Even the star of the film, Clive Owen, agrees with that:


For more on the differences between the book and the film, click below. Spoiler warning, though!

Conclusion? Disregard Alfonso Cuarón’s attempts to make you feel bad for refugees and immigrants. Instead, take a good look at the hell hole you’ll be living in if you continue to ignore basic realities of human nature.

I highly recommend watching this film, so don’t let the “watch if free” make you think otherwise. It’s just the progressive agenda that completely pissed on the original, and the replacement of various white characters that bugged me. So…

*cough* torrent *cough*


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