‘Barkley Marathons’

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"‘Barkley Marathons’"
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Man, I love documentaries. I realize this more and more as I compare them with my movie-going experience with the usual Hollywood tripe. This one was great too. I don’t want to ruin anything, so just watch it when you have time. One thing I will say, though, is that this has some nice themes. Typically, documentaries present as neutral observers and merely dramatize things for emotional responses. But this one had a fitting “moral of the story” interwoven with the philosophies espoused by the eccentrics on screen.

Likewise, not all documentaries have a story arch, but since this is a race, there’s a natural climax to follow. Which is why it’s slow in the beginning. So give it some time and pace yourself. Also, fair warning, the chain-smoking Baby Boomer who doesn’t practice what he preaches may rub you the wrong way at first. But as you learn more about the event and the family of participants, you may find it all rather endearing.

Pay to watch, and give yourself an hour ‘n half to get inspired!


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